Accounting or Economics Major?

<p>Which would you choose? If you went through one of these degrees, would you do it again? I'm just interested on these two degrees and I would like some feedback on both. Thank you :)</p>

<p>Honestly you will know which you like more once you get to college. Accounting is harder at an undergraduate level.</p>

<p>The career prospects are slightly different. If you want to do anything in finance or accounting, an accounting degree will better prepare you. Economics can be versatile, such as for government or consulting work. I would choose accounting (and I am currently an accounting major).</p>

<p>I totally agree with Engineerjw. An Accounting degree will get you farther than an economics degree. Their is great job outlook for accountant majors and the field is one of the most lucrative. I am also a accounting major but recently i have been looking into a double major or minor, accounting/economics or accounting/finance.</p>

<p>I would say it TOTALLY depends on the school you go to. I'd do economics, but only if you're at a top 20-25 economics program. Outside of that, I'd just stick with accounting because it has better job security at lower-ranked schools.</p>

<p>How would a economics major with an accounting minor or vice versa look? how would that look to future employers?</p>