Accounting Spring Transfer Question

Hey guys!

I know I should contact the admission office for my question, but I just wanted to see if anybody knew the answer here.

So my situation is this:

I’m about to complete all of my pre-req requirements for business except for ONE econ class. i wanted to know if i still had a chance at being accepted for the spring semester or if i should wait to apply for fall?

i have all of the golden 4 completes and GE’s are done. I basically would just not complete one econ class before spring 2019.

U will be fine applying for spring, I got accepted for this fall and I was taking managerial accounting public speaking and astronomy last semester at jc.

Ps, for business major they’ll put u as prebusiness and then u declare the concentration

@jacsattack I think you should be ok because my counselor thought it would be fine for me to take CIS 111 this semester (Fall 18).
I’m also taking Math 120 (Stats) for CSULB; my backup school. And I’m taking POSC 100 because I dreaded taking it.

I’ve only received an update for CSULB, and I’m waitlisted :frowning:

Have you received an admissions decision? or anyone majoring in Accounting?

Good luck!