Accounting vs Criminology

<p>Well my ultimate goal is to join to the FBI but I'm unsure of what I major I want to pursue. My plan was to become a police officer after obtaining my bachelors, after a couple of years join another agency and then finally apply to the bureau. Help?</p>

<p>accounting is probably a rarer qualification, as criminal justice majors are a dime a dozen among law enforcement applicants. Plus an accounting degree is useful for applying for jobs as a federal agent elsewhere, such as at the IRS or SEC</p>

<p>Thanks (: any more opinions?</p>

<p>What about forensic accounting? Forensic</a> accounting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Computer science or Accounting.
I think it's a pretty safe assumption that if you go to a school that offers criminology as a major, you're not going to be working for the fbi any time soon.</p>

<p>@AHSTeacher, forensic accounting is a career path, not a major.</p>

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and you should go to one of the schools listed under campus in the link below. These are the schools from which the fbi recruits from. If you do not go to one of these schools, your chances are slim to none.
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<p>My bad! I should have clarified further. My nephew is a Certified Forensic Accountant and he works for the FBI. He is a CPA and has a MBA. He started his career with a degree in criminal justice. He worked as a policeman for four years. (He did have very high GRE scores.) I do think though it would be more direct to take the accounting path than criminal justice.</p>