Accuracy of AP Prep Books

I recently started studying for two AP exams: Calc AB and Lang. For Calc I’m using the Princeton Review test prep book. Does anyone know from experience how this compares to the real test? Is is significantly easier or harder? For Lang I’m using a bunch of different resources and wasn’t finding anything overly difficult until recently. I took a Barron’s multiple-choice practice test and found it absurdly difficult. I normally get most of the multiple choice right on these kinds of practice tests, but on this test I got more wrong than right. Should I be concerned, or is Barron’s notoriously more difficult than the real exam? I’d appreciate any input. Thank you!

I got the Barron’s book when I self-studied for Lang last year. It was almost entirely unhelpful, and I agree that the multiple choice was ridiculously hard. I did study the book a bit, and did really well on the exam, but I don’t think those two facts are related. I would honestly recommend just studying about the exam itself, practicing the essay types (learn the rubrics!), and reading a lot.

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College board has a portal you should be able to access as well for prep.

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Princeton Review and Barron´s type review books are excellent for content review, but tend to be slightly harder/inaccurate compared to the official test. Nevertheless, if you do not have any MC question banks from your teacher/run out of questions, they are probably the next best thing. Make sure to use official Collegeboard FRQ´s as well.