Accuracy of College Board's online course's essay scoring?

<p>I recently took a practice test for the online course and I was a little surprised that it scored my essay as a 12. Granted, I would consider myself above average, but I just wasn't sure about "perfect." I was just wondering how accurately of a representation is this score? </p>

<p>For extra info:
Topic: Do people accomplish more when they're allowed to do things their own way.
Response: James Watson once said "There is more than one way of doing good science." Through his way unconventional way of idleness, Watson discovered the structure of DNA. Watson's philosophy of having more than one way of doing something is true because more is accomplished that way. People accomplish more when doing things their own way because it allows for creativity and variety that would otherwise be absent in a structurally formatted approach. </p>

<p>One reason people accomplish more when doing things their own way is that it involves creativity. Creativity is being able to come up with something original or new. When there is a strict format, much of the creativity is removed simply because there is no need to come up with an approach plan. An example of this is Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. Prior to the light bulb, in order to have light past dusk, people would need to use oil lamps or some sort of flame. The mere idea of being able to flip a switch and not have a fire hazard for light was preposterous. The only idea that might have been probable was to improve oil efficiency in lamps. However, Edison planned his own approach in search of the solution for more light. He tested thousands of metals and even woods. Thanks to Edison's creative approach to finding light, humans now have the light bulb. </p>

<p>Beside creativity, doing things in a person's own way allows for variety in approaches and thus a more faster chance of success as a whole. When a plan is structurally formatted, everyone who is researching or experimenting in the area will most likely be following the format. Thus when one fails, it is likely the others will fail too. It is probable that the error is in the approach. However, when people are allowed to do things in their own way, there become many differing approaches to research the single issue. Thus there is a variety of approaches and this eliminates the chance that everyone could be doing something wrong. </p>

<p>Doing something in one's own way allows for more success and accomplishment because it involves creativity and variety. Creativity allows for the experimenting of extreme and absurd ideas that just actually might be correct. Finally, Variety allows for the different approaches to solve a problem and hence the probability to reach success is faster.</p>


<p>I'm sorry, but it's not accurate at all from what I found out. I took the official practice test about three days ago. I got a 12 as well; my essay was a 10-11ish from a reader's viewpoint. I'm sorry, I'm a bit curious. What was your writing score? I took the same test three days to see where I stand; my Writing score was a 700.</p>

<p>Collegeboard's online course essay scoring is a fraud. Copy and past random excerpts from randomness and if it goes past a certain length, it'd get a 12.</p>

<p>Yup, it's not accurate. I also score a 12, but on the real SAT, I usually get 10.
I guess it just scores your essay depending on the length of it and the grammatical mistakes and probably the range of vocab.</p>

<p>Has anyone tried copying an essay that was written for an actual test and graded by actual people into the online grader? The score discrepancy would be interesting...</p>

<p>I got a 790 for writing. Thanks for your insight!</p>

<p>Not accurate at all,it doesn't inflate or deflate, its random. I'm in AP english and writing is my strongest category. I got a 750 on the SAT writing when I was in 8th grade. An essay I put into the official course received an 8, when it was clearly a 11-12 if scored by an english teacher or a real person. The online scorer just check if you spelled everything right, and if you make it longer than a certain amount, it will give you a 100. My essays are often short and concise, that is why the scorer gave me so little online.</p>