Achievements > Grades?

Well hello.

I’m a junior in high school and I’m trying to get into George Mason University(3.65 gpa).
I’ve taken a look at my gpa and “oh my” is what I said. 3.25 unweighted and a 3.45 weighted. This was mostly due to me being not so okay in the head. Do you know if achievements can make up for my low gpa? For example, making an app, tutoring kids(programming)(or a nonprofit organization), creating a programming club at my school, certificates, internships, and if you could list more that be nice. I’m confident ill get a 1300+ on the SAT so no worrying about that.

Grades are the individual item that receives the most weight in college admissions decisions. An application is a portfolio of components, with strong and weak points. But nothing “makes up for” another area. Everything is considered. You should focus on achieving the best grades possible from her forward and optimizing the other aspects of your application.

Strong activities and a 3.25 are better than limited activities and a 3.25.

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