Ack! An error!

<p>I just realized that I made an error in my application. I read it over so many times that I don't how it happened. Anyway, in my EA application to Yale, I listed that I participated in the Honor Council and checked the 10,11, 12 boxes, but then in the description box, I said I did it from 9-12! (I think I must have been confusing it with Student Council when I filled out the box.) THEN, in my resume, I said that I did it in 10 and 11, leaving out 12! Do you think I need to send an email to Yale explaining the errors? Or do you think that they wouldn't notice or care? I wouldn't want them to think that I was lying.</p>

<p>If it worries you that much, go ahead and send an email. They're not going to hold it against you. They know how tedious that application is.</p>

<p>I had a dream last night that I had a big error in my essay.</p>

<p>bjrwrh, if you were not an officer, the error is unimportant. Not to worry. They know even the most careful people make mistakes.</p>

<p>I suppose I am being a bit paranoid... I just don't want anything to ruin my app. I also think it is ironic that the one inconsistency (which could be percieved as a lie but was just a mistake) is on my work with the HONOR BOARD at my school. lol.</p>

<p>I messed up the year I started high school. I was counting backwards from 2005, so I said I entered on 08/2002. Oh well.</p>