Acknowledgement of application?

<p>Does Oberlin send an email acknowledgement with access to a site to monitor the receipt of application materials once an application is received? My son's common app was downloaded but I am wondering since he realized last night one of these type of college emails had gone to his spam. I know he can contact the admissions office but I know they are sooo busy right now and people on CC who have applied to Oberlin probably know the answer to this question. :) Thanks!</p>

<p>We send a paper letter when we initially receive the application, and we will follow up with an email when we've processed all required materials and the application is complete. We also send out emails after our application deadline has passed to people with incomplete applications.</p>

<p>My S did get a letter from his admissions person that his application was received, but no email. Should we be concerned, or should he follow up? His application materials should have all been submitted, but if there was some problem it would be good to know.</p>

<p>Thank you Elizabeth! He just got the email that all is complete - good news.</p>

<p>By when should we expect this e-mail if the application was submitted around Christmas?</p>

<p>Wondering about this as well-- common app materials show downloaded end of December, all scores etc had been sent, no confirmation letter or email. We do realize working through 7000 or so apps takes a while!</p>

<p>good luck to everyone --</p>

<p>It takes quite a while to get records off all of the application parts we've received entered into our database-- usually we don't get caught up until early or mid February. So, if you haven't received an email confirmation yet, I wouldn't worry about it. We will let you know (after we've caught up on all our data entry) if we're missing any required materials from your application, and your application will still receive the same consideration even if some of your supporting documents arrive well after our application deadline.</p>

<p>I submitted my Oberlin application on 1/15/12 and all of my forms have been downloaded from the Common Application site. I have not received an email from the college yet. Since it is mid February, should I contact Admissions? Thank you.</p>

<p>Guitarman, we're working hard this week to catch up on entering all of the application parts we have received into our database, and plan to send out a message notifying all incomplete applicants this weekend. If you don't receive either a complete or an incomplete application email by Monday, then feel free to contact the admissions office to confirm that we've received your application.</p>

<p>Thank you for responding to my question. I will wait until Monday and then call Admissions.</p>