ACT 2020-21 registration

So ACT rolled out their new website for registration this morning.

I had to create a new password for my D that migrated her data over. Then I had to sign back in again in order to try to change her 2 registrations that have been canceled. When I had to select a testing center 3 out of the 4 testing sites for September and October already had “No seats available” and this was minutes after the website opened. There was one local testing location which I selected and then “Continue to checkout”. That was an hour ago… It just spins and then goes back to the page.

Why would they roll out new software today for the next year’s registration??? This is just SO frustrating. Luckily my D is 2022 so has all year to try to take the test. But she wants to be a recruited athlete so needs an ACT score before next summer at the latest.

I have also tried calling their phone number with a “due to high call volume, your call cannot be connected” message.

Anyone able to register for ACT?

Same exact issue. Ridiculous.

I’ve been trying all morning, every few minutes, and now the site is just down. S21 really wants a chance to get a score but I’m guessing all locations will be full if/when we ever get through. So frustrating and disappointing.

Website is back up but it still spins at “Continue to Checkout”…

Same here. Not sure if it will ever stop, or if I should be trying again in a new window? I don’t want to contribute to the site crashing but don’t want to miss a spot either.

Just tried logging into my d21’s account to see if her scores are in there. Still unable to login.