Act 25 to 30s boost

Do you guys think that it is possible for me to get 30s on the act within a month of studying? I made 25 on my previous act (24E,27M,24R,24S). I feel like I can work with math easily but I am now in AP Calculus BC and don’t remember Algebra1,2 and Geometry stuff too well. I began to do the reading by starting with questions instead of reading the passage. I feel like practice and a review of grammar rules would help me on English and idk about science (I just try to read graphs/tables). Any advices?

Not very likely within a month. It is possible over the summer when you have more time to do practice.

Here’s the deal. I took the ACT and got a 23 (27E,23M,23R,19S). I studied a Kaplan book for about two weeks and my score now is 31 (35E, 28M, 32R, 30S). Yes. You can do it. If you keep a schedule, take practice tests, and really devote some time to it, it’s definitely possible to increase your score. It was for me.

When did you take it? Do you have any strategies for reading? It is my weakness even if it doesn’t show on this act but I am way better at english and science. Thx in advance

Which Kaplan book is it? The 6 practice tests one?

@MarcoXP The first time I took it was April of this year and then I took it again in June (not thinking to study until the last minute, of course). I’m a senior now. Reading strategies? The order will always be: Prose Fiction/Literary Narrative, then Social Sciences, then Humanities, and then Natural Science. Rank your favorite type and do them in that order. That way, you’ll have more time at the end for the ones you don’t like as much. Also, skim the passage, read the questions, then search for the answers. Know what’s going on as a whole, obviously, because otherwise, where the questions are specifically referring to may be unclear. In general, you just have to be a fast reader.

The books is Kaplan ACT 2016 Strategies, Practice and Review with 6 Practice Tests: Book + Online + DVD (Kaplan Test Prep) but I’m pretty sure there’s a newer one by now.

By the way, I know you said you’re way better at English, but the real tip to conquering that test, from my experience? Choose the most concise yet grammatically correct answer. If there’s an option that seems really long, odds are, it’s not right. You may find nothing wrong with it grammatically, but in college writing (speaking as someone who also aced Comp I and II with flying colors), being concise and accurate is incredibly important, so that’s what this test is really looking at, more than anything.

Disclaimer: I won’t profess that I’m some sort of expert by ANY means (I’ve seen people with 36s on here who talk about it like it’s nothing), but at my high school, scoring above a 25 completely shocked my teachers and guidance counselors, since our average is actually a 20.

LOL, thanks man I’ll try my best to 30s too