Act 33 vs sat 1410mr--2000mrw

<p>I know the total ACT > total SAT but, I live in PA where there may be some SAT bias.</p>

<p>My breakdowns are:</p>

<p>English 30 Math 34 Reading 31 Science 35 Composite 33 Also 8 on the essay.</p>

<p>SAT: Writing 590, Math 740, Reading 670 (june)</p>

<p>I don't know if even to schools that superscore if its worth having mine superscored, here is my lesser SAT.</p>

<p>Writing 590, Math 660, Reading 680. (taken in january)
So it makes my reading look a tiny bit better, but also means my math looks like I got lucky.</p>

<p>Lastly, to schools that ask for ask for either ACT (no subject tests necessary) or SAT + 2 Subject tests, should I send my subject tests.</p>

<p>I got Math 2 - 780, and Physics 680 (Also got 5 CalcAB, and 4 Physics B and I will probably send AP scores since I got 2 more 5's and my GPA isn't representative of that)</p>

<p> are my questions.</p>

<p>Should I send my SAT or ACT?
When I can avoid submitting SAT II scores using the ACT should I still send them?</p>

<p>your SAT scores will sink you (really shows a writing weakness). Go with ACT</p>

<p>thanks erlanger! If anyone else agrees or disagrees with him please post! There were 70 views but only 1 response when I just looked; don't be a lurker!</p>

<p>Don't send the SAT.</p>

<p>Do not send the SAT - we found that schools DO take the ACT serious and have no bias against not sending in SATs.</p>