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My child is aiming for top schools and has been self-studying with ACT Blackbook and working with a tutor (to go over the practice tests). Despite 2 months of studying, science and reading sections show very little improvement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am a test prep tutor.

Is the time constraint the problem? It is for many people. I suggest doing a practice SAT to see if he fares better, as the time is much more generous and there is no science section.

With ACT science, there really isn’t enough time to read it all. For most passages, go right to the questions. Skim as needed. Be sure to underline each researcher’s viewpoint in the conflicting viewpoints passage.

Many students run out of time on ACT reading. If he spends too much time reading the passage, I suggest he skims, paying particular attention to the first and last paragraphs. He should focus on answering the easier questions first. Questions directing right to a line, or using a very specific word (ex: Doppler spectroscopic) are usually easier to answer because they are very easy to locate. Answering easier questions gives context for harder ones.


My daughter read the science questions/answers first and then went back to skim the paragraph to find the answer. She raised her science score 4 points using that method.

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Thank you. What book(s) do you use to prep ACT? :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is very helpful!

She used the Barron’s ACT prep book and then whatever practice questions she could find on line.

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Personally, I only use official study guides with my students. There is no substitute for a real practice test. For the ACT, it’s this guide:

For the SAT, it’s this one:

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Looks like you got some great feedback! Did you get scores today from the June 12th test?

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hi, my comments were based on practice test result.

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