<p>Ok, so I'm going to be a junior this year, and I'm taking the ACT again on the next test date. I got a 31 the first time, and this time I'm aiming for a 34. Anyway, I'll also be taking the PSAT through school around the same time. So 2 questions:
1. I've been studying a lot lately for the ACT. Will the material be similar to the PSAT?
2. Which test is harder? I tried a practice test for the PSAT and it didn't seem as hard as the ACT, but maybe it was just a bad practice test.</p>

<li>No, the PSAT is not at all similar to the ACT.</li>
<li>It varies between people.</li>

<p>I think that the ACT has easier questions, but you get less time and can miss fewer answers because it's less questions (as in you can't make mistakes.)
The SAT allows you to miss more questions and get a decent score while making more mistakes, the questions are harder, but you get more time.</p>