ACT and SAT scores

<p>So I've been getting mixed messages on whether colleges have access to ACT and SAT scores you don't send. I took the SAT and ACT early this year for practice, and people have told me that colleges have complete access to your scores (regardless if you sent them or not). However, articles online stated that they enacted a new rule stating that you choose whether or not colleges see your scores. </p>

<p>I'm confused.</p>


<p>College Board, the SAT agency, allows you to choose (its called "score choice") which scores to send to colleges and it provides nothing to colleges to indicate you withheld any scores. ACT sends only the prarticular score ordered and no others and also provides nothing to indicate you withheld any scores. However, many high schools put all your scores on your official high school transcript that is sent to colleges and thus if yours does that, the colleges would learn of scores that way.</p>

<p>Also, understand that a number of colleges state that you cannot exercise score choice and must provide all your scores.</p>