ACT and SAT Similarities and Differences

<p>I am trying to find out which test would be better for my brother to take. He only needs to take one for admission. Which would be the better test to cram and take? Do both have writing samples? Any information or advice would be great. Thanks. He would take it in December.</p>

<p>you should get the act prep book by princeton review. on it, they have a act/sat assesment test, which is basically like the culmination of the parts of the act and the sat combined, and once you take it, you end up with 2 raw scores and you can determine which you'd do better on.</p>

<p>personnaly, i like the acts better- less tricks, more straight-to-the point.</p>

<p>I would also recommend taking both and using the better score. I got only a 27 on the ACT (admittedly on something of an off day), but a 1430 on the SAT. I think the ACT tends not to be so good for people who often have a hard time concentrating for long periods of time, because you have to work so fast. It's also not so good for people who aren't very good in science. Of course, if these things don't apply then the ACT may well be the be the correct choice.</p>