ACT Assessment for Brainiacs: Any good?

<p>Hey everybody!
So I just signed up, mainly to post this but I hope to be more active on this forum in the future.
Alright, well, I'm a high school FRESHMAN, but I'm ambitious and my goal is to be accepted into Yale University, an Ivy League school. If I can remember correctly, they require at least a 32 on the ACT test. So I was looking up prep books online and came across the ACT Assessment for Brainiacs book. I have only found one review, though, but the book seems okay. What are your thoughts on this? So far I plan on purchasing the Red Book, Barron's book, and Cracking the ACT.

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<p>Glad to hear that you're so ambitious, Zipzap. You'll find the CC community very helpful and generally quite friendly.</p>

<p>However, I've never heard of an Ivy League (or any school for that matter) requiring a certain ACT score to be admitted. Certainly, there are schools where there are unofficial, general cutoffs (for example, you won't get into Yale with a 1000 three subject SAT score), but I don't believe there are official cutoffs. </p>

<p>I think you'll find this thread interesting. Especially note that post #17 was accepted with a 31 ACT.</p>

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<p>Unfortunately, I'm not in much of a position to answer your original question since I've focused primarily on the SAT.</p>

<p>Post #17 is also an African-American female first generation college student from a low-income background who went to an inner-city public school...</p>

<p>Sorry, definitely didn't notice that...</p>