ACT Book Recommendations

<p>Hey. Over the summer I plane on studying for the ACT. I have the red book and PR 1296. I've been recommended "PR Cracking the ACT", "Barrons 36", "Barrons Math and Science", and "Barrons English and Reading". Should I really by ALL of those books, or is one better than another??</p>


<p>Definitely do not spend this much money. You'll get enough practice using those two books, but I would suggest "PR Cracking the ACT" to get a good review of English and Math.</p>

<p>Just be warned that Barrons 36 is filled with errors, especially in the math section</p>

<p>i used princeton review, i got 34, never took prep classes</p>

<p>I read through Kaplan's Comprehensive, PR, Real ACT, and Grubers. (ugh, I regret wasting that time so much) For me, Kaplan was useless, PR was all right, Real was only good for tests, and Grubers was the best for strategy and overall preparation. I would recommend Grubers + Real ACT, PR from library if you feel you really need it. Barron's books are good for some things (math 2, some APs) but for ACT I find them unnecessarily difficult and disheartening. </p>

<p>Btw, I got 33 twice, hoping for 34-35 on June.</p>