ACT composite (highest in one sitting?)

<p>I know that most colleges will take the highest verbal score and the highest math score to find the SAT score. Has anyone heard of a college that does the same things with the ACT (takes the highest subject tests from different sittings)? Thanks.</p>

<p>Yes it does happen, but very few colleges do this from what I understand.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks.</p>

<p>Does anyone know what colleges do this?</p>

<p>I've heard that even the colleges that don't combine will take note the other scores on the individual tests. Meaning that if on one test you do great in Math and the Englishes but horrible on science and on another you do great on science they will somewhat understand that you are capable. (that made no sense...)</p>

<p>I'm just wondering if I should send both of my composite scores to my schools (it will cost twice as much b/c each score costs $7). Both times I got a 31 composite but the breakdown was different. first time I got english 33, math 30, reading 34, and science 25. the second time I got english 33, math 33, reading 33,and science 26. should I just send the second test or should I send both?</p>

<p>Chelsea...I'd just send your second. It shows improvement on all but one, and the composite is the same. Is there a section on your application to self-report? Perhaps they'll take note there.</p>

<p>I thought the $7 included all of your scores? </p>

<p>Are you sure?</p>

<p>When you order you SAT score report, all your scores are included. The ACT only sends 1 score report at a time. You have to specify the date.</p>

<p>Does that mean you can take as many times as you want, and colleges will have no idea how many times you took it...?</p>

<p>to jrcho 88 's question, the only way they would know is if it was on your high school transcript or you put it directly on the application.
to the question about being able to self report my act composite scores: on one of my applications I can, but on the others I can't. It will show up on my high school transcript though and I think they'll count that. Thanks loveduke 22!</p>

<p>Then I would venture to say you're fine:) I'm basically in the same situation. I got a 32 my first go around, with a 31 english, 33 math, 34 reading, 28 science. The second time I went down to a 31. All my score went down except english which jumped from a 31 to a 35. I just sent the 32 and self-reported the others so they can see that 35 and stuff. lol.</p>