ACT Curve

<p>WHat is the curve like on the ACT? I have Arco's Master the ACT and their curve is like : (english) 36,35,34,33,32,31,30,30......
(math) 36,35,34,34,33,32,31...
(reading) 36,35,33,32,31,30
(science) 36,34,32,30,29</p>

<p>Is this pretyy accurate.? Seems kinda harsh....???</p>

<p>yeah, that's pretty accurate. The curve of the ACT is usually very harsh. Unlike the SATs, you usually have to get all the questions right in order to a perfect score.</p>

<p>You need to get all correct in a section to get 36. You can miss a couple and still get a 36 composite because a 35.5 composite becomes a 36 (and thus can be done by scoring two 36's and two 35's, or three 36's and a 34). The Arco curve info actually appears to be close to reality -- a rule of thumb is that getting 90% correct in a section should get you a 30 to 31. Science and reading have 40 questions each, math 60, and English 75.</p>

<p>thats the right curve. the difference between the act and the sat is that the act change is always the same, regardless of how many kids do well or whatever. if you get the paper application for acts, they have the scaled scores in the back. i know for reading though, its liek 36, 34 tho...just like science. those are the two sections that are scored the highest.
it has to be harsh, because unlike the sats, its more logical thinking and it is easier for many people to think that way...</p>

<p>Does anyone know the latest ACT stanford will take? Dec 11th?</p>