ACT denying refunds?

ACT canceled all our tests in 2020. Is anyone else have major difficulty getting refunds they are owed? I’ve jumped through every hoop required and they still denied my refunds. SAT was quick to refund tests they canceled. This is frustrating.

First of all, the only way that they could be reached or respond that I found, was FB messenger. They told me over and over that they were mailing out the refund, but of course they never did. Finally I called my credit card company and asked them to refund it. They didn’t even ask for the opportunity to reach out to the ACT, they’ve seen so many of these. They just refunded it all on the spot. I didn’t do it until after all the scores had been sent out, lest they refuse to send out the kid’s score, but I don’t see how they could get away with that. Frankly, I don’t see how they’re getting away with this, either.

Call your credit card company and have payment clawed back.

Thank you for the recommendation. I hope everyone that was shafted makes a comment here so ACT gets exposed for what I believe to be super shady business practices.

I wonder if there are grounds for a class action lawsuit. It was bad enough, the nightmare with scheduling when they transitioned to a new website. But their failure to issue refunds for all those cancelled tests is really indefensible.

I find it highly suspicious that the transition to the new website conveniently erased most purchase history for 2020. That purchase history held all the details you need to fill out a valid refund request.

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Just look at your credit card statements from the time when you were registering the kid for the tests.

Unfortunately, not that easy. Read on if you want the details …

ACT insists you clarify the ORIGINAL test date purchased to get a refund. We bought numerous tests in 2020 and kept transferring credit from canceled tests to future test dates (and lost track of “original” test dates). That’s the data erased with site transition. After being denied for listing the wrong dates, I filled out another request checking every single date in 2020. Still denied with same blanket form letter as before.
Thanks again for the suggestion to contact my cc company. Downright wrong, but a solution.

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Yeah, you don’t need to do that for the credit card claw back. Just find all your payments to ACT, call the credit card company, tell them that ACT is putting up impossible barriers to refunds, and that they’re effectively refusing refund for services that THEY cancelled. The credit card company will just refund it all to you.

BTW, before I did that, I FB messaged them that if they didn’t refund my money, I was going to go to the credit card company. That seemed to light a fire under them, and they promised to effect a refund within a few days. When they didn’t, I finally contacted the credit card company. I wouldn’t waste any more time with them.

I got a refund easily but only for one test. The rest of the purchase history was erased.