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<p>Hey guys, I am kind of in a bit of a tricky situation regarding the ACT
Questions & Discussions:
For those who arent natural geniuses and had to study to do well on the ACT, what was your method for attacking each individual section? I for some reason just cannot do well on the english section. How did you guys get a 35+ on this test? What is the best way to improve scores and what books are the best? </p>


<p>HA... studying... what a joke, I took one practice test in math the night before my second ACT.
I ended up with a 29 on math, same as the practice test, and same as my first ACT.
Other than that, I don't know a single person that goes to my 2800 student HS that studied for the ACT.
Most people just take it cold.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure most people study for both the SAT and's not something to take lightly. Strugglinguser-Do you need help on just English or the entire ACT? And for the sections you need help on, what are your scores currently like?</p>

<p>i need help overall on the enitire ACT haha. but ecspecially in english. i want a 35 or 36, but currently i have a 30 E, 31 M, 34 R, 33 S. what should i do to improve these scores!?!</p>

<p>Well firstly, 'ecspecially' is actually spelt 'especially.' ;)</p>

<p>Second, I got a 34 raw (English 33, Math 34, Reading 34, Science 35) and then to improve that I've done 2 practice tests that have seen my scores in Math, Reading, and English go to the 35-36 range. My Science scores have been 33s in both so practice isn't working on that front haha. I also got a 10 on my essay, so I have done 1 practice essay. </p>

<p>So in summary do some practice tests and check out your mistakes. I expect that you'll get diminishing returns after your 4th or 5th test so I'm going to take 3 more practice tests then move on.</p>