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<p>Excerpt from Passage: </p>

<pre><code> (1)In the fall of 1967, the Boston Red Sox were playing in the World Series. I was a freshman at a university that was located in the Midwest at the time, enrolled in a philosophy course that met at two in the afternoon. The course was taught by a native Bostonian. He wanted to watch the games on television, but he was too responsible to cancel class. So he conducted classes, those October afternoons, while actually listening to the games on a small transistor radio propped up inside his lectern, the volume turned down so that only he could hear.

(2)Baseball is unique among American sports by its ability to appeal to a love resembling that of a child of fable and legend. Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente┬Śnames like these will echo through time that are trumpet calls to storied battles fought and won in ages past. When Hank Aaron stretched out a sinewy arm to pull one down, striding up to a rack of ash-hewn bats, he became a modern-day knight selecting their lance. And when glints of the afternoon sun shone off Mickey Mantle's colossal bat, there will have to be seen for one brief, stirring moment the glimmer of the jewels in King Arthur's own mighty sword, Excalibur.


<p>Which of the following sentences, if inserted at box #2, would provide the most effective transition to the second paragraph?</p>

<p>F. Accounting for this kind of behavior is easy.
G. Most of the students in the class were not fond of this instructor.
H. Today, most World Series games are played in the evening.
J. He did a remarkable job, considering how distracted he must have been.</p>


<p>The answer is F. Why is it that? Personally, I think that none of these sentence are useful transitions. How does F work...It doesn't lead into the second paragraph...</p>


<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>yes it does. You always have to look for the "Best" Answer, even if you dont like it. The others dont come close to making as much sense as F. Second, F is correct b/c the instructor was obviously a big baseball fan and didnt want him having to teach a class get in the way of him listening to his fav team on the radio. "Accounting for this kind of behavior is easy" b/c baseball holds a special place in most Americans heart.</p>

<p>^that, AND, the rest don't even work.</p>

<p>Think of the sentence that you have to insert between paragraphs as a bridge connecting the 2 paragraphs.</p>

<p>The first one is about a teacher who is a fan. </p>

<p>The second one starts off discussing baseball's "ability to appeal to a love ".</p>

<p>It goes from one fan's love(P 1) to potentially many fans' love (P 2).</p>

<p>F is the only answer that provides a bride between the two.</p>

<p>This was on's act question of the day XD</p>