ACT Essay Format?

<p>I am going to take the ACT soon...just wondering if I could see a quick format of how I should write it. (I know the site says what they want, but there's always a certain tip that will score you points. Such as writing a lot and using examples on the SAT).</p>

<p>I am looking for a bullet type list where each bullet is a paragraph; just something quick and summarizing.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>All I know is:</p>

<p>-always persuasive essay
-5 paragraph format (intro w/ thesis, 3 body, conclusion)
-start with attention getter even if you have to use the generic “Imagine…”
-take a firm stand, no “I think…”
-support well with examples
-refute opposing position somewhere in essay
-can use I (don’t go overboard) and personal examples</p>

<p>This is a general outline example :</p>

<p>Attention Getter:
Background Info: (What does the prompt ask you to write about? Explain the task at hand.)
Thesis: (No “I feel/I think…” or you already proved that your writing is immature.)
3 main points: (These become topic supports)</p>

<p>Topic sentence: (Transition, restate first topic support) in different words)
Major Support 1: (First support for topic support)
Minor Support: (example or explain Major 1)
Minor Support: (example or explain Major 1)
Major Support 2:
Major Support 3:
Conclusion: (restate topic sentence in a way that leads into next topic)</p>

<p>Topic Sentence 2:

<p>Topic Sentence 3:

<p>Conclusion Topic Sentence: (Find a better transition than “In conclusion”)
Restate All topic supports:
Clincher: (Your final statement. Something memorable that you leave the reader with. Ex: For essay one driving age: “With a mere two year increase, countless lives could possible be saved.” For essay on legality of texting and driving: “Think of who could be behind the wheel of the car beside you the next time you decide to text and drive. It could be someone you know.”)</p>

<p>ACT essays are graded more for logic, clarity, support, and organization than actual style.</p>

<p>Hmmm, okay.</p>