ACT essay score...

Hi everyone,

I am currently a junior. I have taken the ACT twice and I am considering whether I should take it again.

The first time I took the ACT was in late 2016 without the essay. I got a 36 (ELA 35, Math 35, Science 36, Reading 36)

I took the ACT again during early 2017, this time with the essay. I got a 36 again on the main section (ELA 36 Math 36 Science 35 Reading 35). However, on the essay I only got a score of 9.

For the second test, I barely studied for the essay portion, and I usually do pretty well in essays (I get all A’s in AP English Lan and Comp). My point is, I if I take the ACT again, I can definitely get a better score on the essay. However, I am not sure if I can achieve another perfect 36, and I’m kind of tired of taking the ACT again and again.

So should I take the ACT again in April or June and try to get an 11 or 12 on the essay, or should I just keep my 9 for now??

Thank you!!!

Honestly, my opinion is that you shouldn’t take the ACT again. If I were an admissions officer, I would look more at your ACT composite and, if I really wanted to see your writing ability, your AP English grade and college essays. I’ve heard from people too that college admissions only seem to really care about your writing score if it’s extremely inconsistent with how you seem to do overall in writing. A 9 isn’t bad, so I don’t think they would pay too much attention to it (if you got a 6 or lower, then that would be a red flag to them).

TL;DR It’s fine. Don’t sweat it. You don’t need to retake!

Why in the world would you take it the 2nd time?? You received a perfect score! Writing score has no real significant value to the majortiy of schools. Congrats!

No, don’t take it again. Can’t believe you asked, tbh.