ACT First Timers

<p>What did you learn taking the test?</p>

<p>I learned that I should have taken practice test. I feel that I knew the stuff, I just wasnt fast enough. So if I would have taken practice test, perhaps it would have taught me to work a little faster.</p>

<p>Here's a tip that will raise your score. DO NOT 'read' the Reading or Science sections (Except for the last section)! You should speed read the reading section and ignore the science sections.</p>

<p>thigsn i learned:
-read a matter of fact, if you can do some things w/o reading...then don't read! the science section had no time whatsoever so for the last half i basically didn't read the experiments, relied on the graphs, and maybe skimmed the experiments if i got confused.
- THE BUBBLES ARE SO TINY. i really wish i knew that beforehand.</p>