ACT HELP! IM confused...

<p>As this june 2010 test is coming quickly, this will be my 4th time taking it again!</p>

<p>ive gotten 27...28...28 and my goal is 33!</p>

<p>i am so confused since i study like mad, have done like 3 Prep classes..</p>

<p>im doing another book i bought from Kaplan, hoping this book will actually help!<br>
i think its going pretty well right now..</p>

<p>is there some thing that i am not doing to get a 30+ score???
i am soo determined to reach that milestone since my friends get 30, 32, 34, 35!</p>

<p>Any efficient and economical help u can give me??</p>


<p>Did you use The Princeton Review: Cracking the ACT? That could help you improve, since it really helped me out a lot.</p>