ACT?? Help please

<p>question: If im not a fast test-taker, is it worth it to take the ACT??? (although obviously the questions are significantly easier)</p>

<p>please respond, thanks so much</p>

<p>well, the ACT certainly does have more time pressure than the SAT does, but you might be able to go through questions faster on the ACT, because, as you said, they are easier.
I'm a slow test-taker, and I was able to get my times down on all the sections except for science.
Do a few tests and find your time issues, and you probably can fix them through practice. It also depends on what score you're aiming for on your ACT, because you can miss a couple questions on each section and still get a decent score, and there is no penalty for guessing.</p>

<p>If you know you can't improve on your pacing, I would say that you shouldn't take the ACT. Without good pacing, you would probably not even finish each section, therefore resulting in a low score. Only take the ACT if you know you can improve on timing.</p>