ACT improvement?

<p>Hey I'm a Junior from Illinois,
I took the Feb. ACT and got a 30, it's what the Plan or whatever told me i'd get. I am really aiming for a 32-33 however. My sub scores for this were math-31, english-29, reading-32, science-28, and a 10 on writing. I know this kinda low for cc, but any help would be appreciated. I don't have a tutor or anything, but I have a 55 minute free period each day where I do some practice tests from the Princeton Review. Any suggestions?

<p>The first time I took the ACT, I didnt study at all and got a 30. Then I bought one of the ACT practice books and got a 32 the next time I took it. I dont know about you, but the first time I took it the science part really threw me off and I got a 26 on it. After a bunch of review I got a 31 on the science the second time around. So definitely practice a little bit each day.</p>

<p>In addition to spending time on practice questions, I would encourage you to try to understand the methodology of the test question, i.e. what is the question actually testing?</p>

<p>Preparing yourself for ‘types’ of questions is far more effective than preparing yourself for individual questions.</p>

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