ACT in lieu of the SAT IIs for Yale

<p>Hey everyone, I posted this on the college admissions board but I kind of want the opinion for Yale in particular. My ACT scores sucked pretty badly... between the 2 tests I managed a 32M 32R 32E and 28S (ouch) but my SAT is a 1470 (780m 690v). Now, I know Yale accepts those ACT sub-scores but would I be much better off trying my hand at the SAT IIs? I don't really know what then entail but I'd be willing to take them I think. Also.. what would those ACT sub-scores translate to in SAT II scores?</p>

<p>Thanks for your time.</p>

<p>You said "between the 2 tests"... I'm almost positive that Yale (like most colleges) does not combine the highest subscores for the ACT.<br>
Your SAT is much higher than your ACT converted, so I would study up and take some SAT IIs. Take some practice tests first and choose your tests wisely. The Math IIC (or IC) you probably could easily manage. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks, I meant between the 2 tests as far as taking my best subscores in the place of their SAT II "equivalents" I think I may sign up for the December SAT IIs right now.</p>