ACT July 18- Has anyone received their scores

My son took the ACT on July 18. He did not take the writing section. Scores were supposed to start being released on August 5. Has anyone received their scores yet?

My D took the July test with writing and I think had results posted on the ACT site on Tuesday, August 11.

My D21 took the no-writing test in Michigan and received her score on August 6th, if I recall correctly.

They’re all coming back on random dates. Our S got his back last week sometime, I think, the same day as a friend who took it at the same site, but some other kids who also took it there, still haven’t gotten them.

Okay. Thank you for responding. I guess I will just keep looking. It is just frustrating because even his old scores are not in the system any more.

Tmclaton we are in the same boat. My D took the ACT on 7/18 and are still waiting on results. The ACT site now does not show my D taking the 7/18 test.

My D has opened an inquiry with ACT which is supposed to be answered in 2 business days. My D has also attempted to call ACT many times only to be left on hold and then automatically disconnected from the line.

ACT is terrible all the way around.

Hopefully the 7/18 scores will appear soon as we are simply playing the waiting game at this time.

Can I ask where your S took the ACT? We are from Texas but my D took the ACT in Florida. We are worried that the different location may be a problem with ACT

We are from Texas. he took it in Lucas Texas.
How do you see if it shows that they have taken it? I can’t find that information anywhere. Now I am really concerned!

I should probably call tomorrow. It seems like it should at least show me his previous scores.

There is a new system and I wonder if OP is aware of it.

tmclanton, my D looked on her ACT dashboard this morning, and the 7/18 test did not appear on her dashboard. My D had actually taken the ACT through her school at the end of her sophomore year in the fall of 2019. The scores for fall 2019 test still show up on my D’s dashboard, but the previous reference to the 7/18 test are no longer shown. I believe the ACT dashboard is supposed to show all activity involving the student and the ACT test, including registration, results, dates, etc.

I share your concern with ACT. ACT is a complete abyss of poor service. Good luck trying to contact ACT by email or phone as we have not had any luck over the past several weeks.

Cheddar, does ACT have a new online system now?

I am logged into the new system. It went active the beginning of August. He is registered through the new system for the test in September and that is showing on the home screen when I log in. When I select Reports, it says, “You do not have any score reports yet, but we will email you when they arrive.” He has taken the test twice previously and they showed up on the old system. Not sure where they went. I guess I need to stop being patient and call them tomorrow.

My D received her ACT scores last night. The ACT site is still not completely working properly but it seems that ACT is getting things straightened out.

Good luck to everyone else waiting on ACT info and scores.

My D took test on July 18. To date, no scores. ACT is not accepting phone calls. We wrote 2 emails and to date, no response. Furthermore, my D’s data has not merged and we had to re-create her ACT profile. The July test does not appear in the “order” history. Other local students have received their scores 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, we are frustrated and ACT is offering no assistance.

ASP, ACT is perfect example of total ineptitude.

My D was in your same boat with incorrect data, no email responses, and no ability to talk to ACT.

My only recommendation is to be patient and wait it out as ACT seems to be moving slowly to get things updated. Hopefully, your D will not miss a deadline or get negatively affected by the ineptitude of ACT.

I called at 8:01 and spent 2 HOURS and 50 Minutes on hold earlier. I got another call, put ACT on hold, and they apparently answered my call and hung up during the 2 minutes I was on the other line. I called back and have not been on hold for 2 HOURS again!!!


Again, ACT is just awful and should be ashamed. My D started her senior year in high school today. You would think if high school could develop a plan to re-open over the past 9 months that ACT could answer emails or a phone call.

Email and phones are working just fine before and after covid

Well, they were able to help me figure out the problem. Apparently, my son had an account in the old system and an account in the new system. We have to wait until October to get them linked. I was able to get all of his scores! But… now I can’t get them to take my money to have them sent to the university that he has applied to. SMH

After a 3 hour wait today, I was finally able to get in touch with ACT. My D also has two accounts, but they told me they would contact IT to merge the two accounts and have it resolved in 48 hours. Her July scores were under the old account and I hope we do not have to wait until Oct to have the files merged and scores released. Will let you know if the 48 hour rule was accurate.

No merger yet of my D’s account. Scores still unavailable thru act website. College counsellor at school received
scores and let us know. Good luck to all!