ACT...Oct 23rd Official Thread

<p>Yeah, i put the one that was "missouri history" with no commas. What about the one that had "but _____?" I wasn't sure if there was a comma before the but or not. I put the one with no comma... Sorry, that doesn't make much sense, but i can't remember the actual sentence.</p>

<p>Science curve? I thought it was nonexistant or almost negligible at most.</p>

<p>Each bold part of the circle was 1/3 not 1/4</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure these are the answers to the math questions that have been debated:
If you have not been to Washington, you have not been to the White House
1:1 ratio for the triangle/rectangle problem
1/24 for the probability of guessing the historical events correctly
48pi for the total circumference of the six circles</p>

Complentative for the mood</p>

<p>If anyone remembers the last two questions for reading I will remember the answers.<br>
...It was on redwoods I think</p>

<p>moocow, where was the question with ___ but? how far into english and do you remember what topic?</p>

<p>For future reference, how is the answer 1/24? I suck with those probability questions.</p>

<p>Woah i had a different test... it was asking for the ratio of 1 triangles sides.... i had a completely diffrent test!</p>

<p>there were no commas on the but one. it was like "subtle but significant"
ehh are you sure it was only 1/3 of circle?
and yeah, I agree with you on every thing else.
I'm confused on...the science "curve." so if there happens to be "no curve," what would a -6 to -7 be?
and someone give letter answers to #38 and 39 on reading! hehe i have no idea what questions they are b/c I never read them. #40 was B 500</p>

<p>There were multiple (maybe two?) ratio questions I believe... Although I'm not sure.</p>

<p>It said that the person knew the 1st and last, so that means there were 4 other events and 4 years... To me, thats 1/4, but like i said earlier, i suck at math.</p>

<p>Did anyone else think the english/reading was really easy? What do you think the curve was like?</p>

<p>yeah tehre were 2 for the first one with altititudes i put 4/9 for the second one i put 20/15 or something</p>

<p>Did anyone else make the incredibly stupid mistake of second guessing themselves? On the tower one (number 57) I had that it could not be found but then decided to change my answer to 100tan52</p>

<p>Yes, I'm sure it was 1/3 of the circle. I remember the last question on reading was about when redwoods reach maturity and no longer grow any taller, but I can't remember 38 and 39.</p>

<p>I think 35 was about the effect of shrubs and firs growing in the patches of redwood trees...</p>

<p>I'll look up the science curve info... Hold on.</p>

<p>Wait... Is it 4!? So 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24? 1/24... God damn it, why do i suck so much at math.</p>

<p>for the probability one, since there were four unknown variables, you had to find every different arrangement of the unknowns. The easy way to do this is 4x3x2x1, or 24. Of course, if you are like me, you can randomly take out one variable and make it 3x2x1, or 6. I don't know where my head was today...</p>

<p>Grrr... I knew 1/4 wasn't the answer, but I was running out of time and i put that anyway. I thought initially it was 1/16, but that wasn't even an answer choice. I totally forgot about the "!" button.</p>

<p>In the reading passage: what killed most of the trees?
I put lightning because it was mentioned in the end, but in the beginning it said something about being blown over so it might be wind
and in science: what absorbed the phosphorous, answer choices were a combination of soil and pine needles, i put both
and in math: was the shadow length indeterminable? im pretty sure it was, unless i misread the question</p>

<p>You're right, second guessing is usually pretty stupid. Sorry bud.</p>

<p>Yeah, it was impossible to find the height of the tower for that question.</p>

<p>I assumed that it was 1/3 of the circle and got 48pi, granted I did this in the last 15 seconds.
It's 1/24. You take 4! and that gives you 24 possibilites.
I also had no commas no commas on the "subtle but significant" one.
Agree on the others too.</p>

<p>Wind killed most of the trees. I put soil for the phosphorous one, and i put indeterminable for the shadow length one.</p>

<p>What was the one about alice getting older and the kid's perspective because of her getting older in the reading section?</p>

<p>yeah, it was indeterminable. They said that the tower was 100 ft/cm/m/whatever and that it formed an angle of 80-something degrees with the ground. I thought that they were referring to the shadow when they said this, but since that was assumed and does not appear in the question, the best answer choice would have been that it can't be determined.</p>