ACT...Oct 23rd Official Thread

<p>I just thought I'd start this thread since I am taking the test tomorrow. Even though it is worthless and really a waste of time I like comparing answers after the test and seeing how everyone else felt about it. </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone who is taking the ACT tomorrow!</p>

<p>im taking it tomorrow, too, and wondering why i always do worse on the math and science than the english and the reading, i really want to score well tomorrow!!</p>

<p>I'm in it, too!
Cram session right now.</p>

<p>Hey the same act offered on sunday testings or wat? or r the tests different? thanks!</p>

<p>back... i thought it was easier, probably b/c the last time i took it was last year.<br>
I heard from others that it got harder, but I thought it was ok. THe time limit in reading & science sections were ridiculous though.<br>
Easy math, easy english, i thought.</p>

<p>can we discuss answers now?</p>

<p>ok we can... so whatd u get for the ratio of triangles question.. i think third last question on math... i guessed and put 21:15 or something.... it was the last choice.. i think</p>

<p>Also on science... whatd u put for what was being measured for the plants? i put structure...</p>

<p>I'm wondering about a few of my answers.</p>

<p>The white house one with the logical statement?
The Q with the probability and the six historical events? 1/24?
What was the mood of the first reading?
The Q that asked what the second student in the last science section assumed and P2... Was it water soluble or made of water or whatever that choice was?</p>

<p>The triangles inside the rectangle? The ratio was 1:1 for that.</p>

<p>I don't remember that question that asked what was being measured in the plants, but I know on my test (and I think they are all the same) that how many bean plants sprouted was what was being tested.</p>

<p>The mood of the first reading was contemplative.
I thought the probability was 1/4 because he knew the first and 6th one. I suck at math though...
The white house one was, if u haven't gone to the white house, u haven't gone to washington i think.</p>

<p>did anyone else think science was a lot harder than normal?</p>

<p>Good, I put contemplative.</p>

<p>For the white house one, it asked for a logical statement that meant the same thing. I did put the same thing you said, but I thought the question was worded horribly. I nearly put the statement that used "and".</p>

<p>Did anyone notice that they messed up the pronouns at least one in the first reading with Danny and his sister? They called Danny a her.</p>

<p>Are you talking about the math problem that looked like this?</p>


<p>| /\ |
| / \ |
| / \ |
|\ / |
| \ / |
| \ / |
|--- \ /-----|</p>

<p>It's badly drawn, but the ratio in that is definitely 1:1
I'm going for a 35 this time.</p>

<p>For the white house one, the contrapositive is true. So if you negated both statements and switched the order, that is the right one. I put 1/24 for the probability, contemplative for the mood, and 1:2 for the ratio. Science is all a blur though. What did everyone get for the question about the congruent circles and the lengths of the arcs in bold? I think I put 48pi.</p>

<p>Yes, even the barron's tests were easier... I was not even close to finishing, so i had to randomly guess on a bunch.</p>

<p>Wow that picture did not work at all</p>

<p>Did anyone remember the one about Missouri history on the english section? What was the answer to that one?</p>

<p>Was 24pi one of the options? I either put 24pi or 48pi. Each arc was 1/3 of the circumference of the entire circle, and there were 6 arcs each with 1/3 of the circumference which was 12pi (I thought?)... So that would be 24pi unless I'm remembering wrong and the circumference was 24pi which would make the answer 6*8pi=48pi</p>

<p>On second hand, I think the circum was 24pi for the circles and the answer was 48... Anyone remember?</p>

<p>I remember that the lowest number was 48, and that is what I put. The answers all increased after 48pi.</p>

<p>I forgot what that exact question was, but I think the answer was D.</p>

<p>There were no commas at all to be placed in that sentence and the correct answer was the one that said "Missouri history" and not Missouri's history... Missouri and Missouri's are both correct, but the correct answer depended on if and where the commas should be placed; although, none were needed.</p>

<p>last time I took the ACT I left 5 English blank, finished math on time but felt uneasy about it, guessed on the last 10 reading, and guessed on the last 7 science.</p>

<p>this time I finished English with 5-10 mins to spare :-), finished the math on time and felt pretty good about it :-), only had to guess on 1-2 reading :-), but unfortunately still had to guess on the last 7 science haha.</p>

<p>what does everyone think the science curve will be like? -7 would be what you think? hehe</p>

<p>The math ratio was 1:1. The 4 triangles made up one square. Just look at the picture.
I put 1/24 for that math ratio one. For that one with all those circles, I put 72pi. I only had like 5 seconds to think about it tho. I came up with this because each bold part was 1/4 of circle, so each 6pi. Then I think each circle had 2 1/4ths bolded. So that's 6 pi * 2 sides per circle * 6 circles, so 72pi. I dunno, I looked at it fast. I'm probably wrong.
I put contemplatitive for the reading mood.</p>

<p>Also, were #'s 38 and 39 on the reading A and C by any chance? that's what I guessed since no time hehe.</p>