ACT or SAT for a B-school?

<p>I'm applying to several top-quality business schools, and while my standardized scores are generally very good, my math score is my weakest on both the SAT and ACT.</p>

<p>SAT: 2150 (CR: 780 M: 680 W: 690)
Subject Tests: Math 2: 700, Chemistry: 690
ACT: 34 (Math: 29, English: 35, Reading: 36, Science: 36, Writing: 10)</p>

<p>My ACT score is higher than the SAT score overall, but I think the SAT math and Math II scores are better than my ACT math score. And, as I am applying to b-schools, I'd expect the math portions to be what adcoms are going to place the most weight on. Should I submit my ACT score or my SAT + subject test scores?</p>