<p>Hey guys, please give me your advice concerning what of the following I should send to Yale. I took the ACT and the SAT2 but even though I had a good feeling after the test I got extremely bad results. Yale says they either want the SAT1 and 2 SAT2s or just the ACT. They already have my SAT where I got 1900 . Now I have the choice to either send in 2 SAT2s (I got 660 in Literature and 590 in Math), or to send in my ACT where I got 26. Of course, I could also send in all and let them decide, but since all of my scores seem to be pretty bad that might not be the best thing to do. Please give me your advice. And don't just tell me to forget it or my scores are too bad anyway, that's the last thing I need to hear. Everything else is fine, and 25% of Yale's students only get 600-700 points in the different SAT sections. Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Can anybody please give me some advice? Of course I'll retake all the tests, but for Yale I can't retake them and so I need to make a decision. Please help me.</p>

<p>i would send in ur sat IIs. im not too familiar with teh ACT grading scheme but i personally feel three consistent scores are better than one poor one. i dont know. u could also send them all in. but i wouldnt do just act..but that my opinion.</p>

<p>Math I or Math II?</p>

<p>Just send in your SAT scores. Yale converts your scores from ACT to SAT anyways for comparison purposes. If you convert your ACT it's only 1760, lower than your actual so just send in your SATs.</p>

<p>Well thanks for your help, I think I'll send in my SAT2 scores. The math test I took was math 1. I just hope they don't place too much importance on these test scores. I did everything else as good as I could but for some reason I always screw up these kinds of tests. Good luck to everyone else.</p>