ACT policy confusion...

<p>Does Cornell require you to send official reports from ALL ACTs you've taken? Their website says this--</p>

<p>"Note that Cornell requires students to submit all scores from SAT tests taken and does not participate in the College Board’s Score Choice."</p>

<p>But that specifically refers to the College Board and SAT. Does the same rule apply for the ACT? So far, I've sent the official report for my top score (34) but have only reported the other two (31 and 33) on the common app, so they'll still be able to see it. I'm just not sure if I need to send the official reports just to be safe, but I'd rather not..</p>

<p>Generally for schools, they ask you to send your highest ACT and self-report your others, since each score report costs $10 or something. I'd call and ask.</p>

<p>you should send all of your tests officially probably. cornell wants to see all scores is essentially what they are saying</p>