Act Prep Help

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>I have to take the ACT in december and was wondering which is the best prep material for the exam. </p>

<pre><code> Thank You

<p>Get your hands on all of the REAL tests given previously. And, practice, practice, practice.</p>

<p>Hi Knavish, </p>

<p>Where can i get these real tests. Thanks</p>

<p>Getting into the ACT by the ACT testmakers has 2 real tests, I believe</p>

<p>And you can order tests off their site</p>

<p>Yeah, I think there are only two real tests out there. You can also get Cracking the ACT, though - it has a bunch of tests that are really good. I thought it was the best ACT prep.</p>

<p>practice questions on too</p>