ACT Prep

<p>Hi im using the McGraw hill to practice but ony my diagnostic test i got:
English - 25
Reading - 35
Math - 27
Science - 28
Composite of 29 </p>

<p>But when i took the act on october i got:
English - 20
Reading - 28
Math - 28
Science - 23
Composite of 25</p>

<p>Should i stop using this book to practice?
Because i find this numbers really weird</p>

<p>Do the official ACT red book for more accurate scoring.</p>

<p>don’t use mcgraw. it is way too easy and inaccurate. use the official book and/or princeton review.</p>

<p>Use the Big Red book. 3 real, previously administered exams. Closest to the real deal you can get.</p>