ACT Preparing for the ACT booklets

<p>One of the main problems with ACT prep. is the lack of practice tests. The ACT Prep. Guide is the one of the few books that offer accurate tests. That's why I tend to just study out of ACT practice booklets given out at school. Does anyone know links for previous year's booklets?</p>


<p>Does ACT sell any practice test materials (except the Red Guide)?</p>

<p>Can we BUMP this thread, I would really like to get some responses to the original question asked. Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>There is an online program from the ACT. There is two test with the program. It cost 20 dollar which is worth it. In September, ACT company is releasing a new book with 5 test. If you have the one from before, this new book has 2 new test. It will be released for 30 dollar.</p>

<p>4 tests
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ACT</a> Test Prep : Sample Tests</p>