ACT priority report?

<p>How do I send scores through priority report? Is the only way through the phone service? </p>

<p>They gave me this msg.</p>

<p>"Standard Report sent electronically for choices marked with "E". Priority Report not needed."</p>

<p>My school had an E beside it.</p>

<p>Also what does the 13 dollar extra mean?</p>

<p>"You must pay with by valid credit card. This service is for priority reports only, which can be sent only within the U.S. There is an additional $13.00 fee for each request made by phone."</p>

<p>I plan to send 3 scores via priority report to meet the Nov 1 deadline. </p>

<p>Do you guys think it is worth it to send a whole test because I made a 27 on math? I have a 26 in math in one test I plan to send. ( this is for a superscore school)</p>

<p>Please Help Me!</p>