ACT reading help/stratagies

<p>Tomorrow (since it's 3 in the morning) I am taking the ACTs. I am a good student (A average at a hard school) but I can't seem to do well on the science, reading, and english parts of the ACT. I have taken a couple practice tests from the red book and do well on the math section 34, but I always run out of time on the other sections. I attribute this mostly to being a slow reader. I have never been able to enjoy reading so just never did it, and now its biting me in the @$$.</p>

<p>I only finish three of the four passages on reading when timed. When I correct my test I get almost all of the questions right only missing about 2 or 3 max. I have been trying to skim the passages and then go to the questions, but this does not work for me. The information never sticks and I have horrible comprehension. When I am reading for school I can read at my normal slow pace and remember everything, and I mean everything, but I know I can't/shouldn't do this for the ACT. If I try to increase my speed at all my comprehension drops severely.</p>

<p>So what I am wondering is: are there any strategies for people who are slow readers? Does anyone else have this same problem? What are your solutions?</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>I think we may have the same problem</p>

<p>same problems…i just gave up on reading… gotta focus on math and science to get around 33-36 and english to 30…srsly… i dnt think that testing ur ability to read in a short period of time is really unnecessary…even in the university, they won’t give you certain amount of time especially like an hour to read certain amount of passages… as long as you finish the chapters or other materials that you have to read for the next class, i dnt honestly think that “reading” section is totally bs…and unnecessary</p>

<p>I have my ups and downs with reading. At times Ill get 3 wrong with plenty of time and other times I will run out of time and get 6ish wrong… Now I have started to go backwards starting from the science section. This is because the science passage is the most time consuming (for me). There are too many details u have to go through in order to find the answer. Hope this helps u!</p>

<p>Use your finger to read and annotate (underline, circle, box the main topics) as you go along the passage.</p>

<p>To get some easy points, try doing the “On line 36, the word * obfuscate* most nearly means…” questions first, as those will force you to read the preceding and proceeding lines, which will help your comprehension as well.</p>

<p>On the morning of the ACT test, read materials to get your brain working. Read the newspaper. Talk to your friends about anything to get your analysis up and running.</p>

<p>As you read the passages in English, Reading, and Science, try to talk silently while you read. Don’t whisper, as it looks like you’re cheating.</p>

<p>The only problem I see is that nobody should run out of time with English. You DO have to read the passages while correcting grammar, but you shouldn’t have to read for comprehension. Just know the main idea of the passage and each paragraph, and you should be fine.</p>