ACT Reading Tips?


<p>Every time I take a ACT practice test the reading section is always the lowest for me. Like mid 20's. I really wanna improve. I tried some different methods. The puzzle method didnt work at all for me. I guess my brain doesnt work like that. Should I just read very fast first? Everytime I take it I freak out about time... Got any tips or anything for me?</p>


<p>I can totally relate. I freak out when I am rushed and my mind just goes blank. This happens to me with Science also.<br>
If you look at some of the older posts on this forum, there are several different methods for attacking the reading section. These have resulted in some super high scores for others. I thought I would read through these old posts and try some of these methods. Surely one of them will work for me!<br>
I have until April to figure it out, how about you?</p>

<p>Its so nice that somebody else can relate too. I only have until February to figure it out. Im not too worried because I still have many practice tests to take still. I will look around in other threads though like you said.</p>


<p>You’re welcome. I will try to post some links here for the reading tips when I find them.</p>

<p>My strategy was to read the passage at a moderate pace while underlining definitions, key people mentioned, and other parts that seemed important. I then answer all of the easy questions. Then I worked on the harder ones. Since you can only spend about 8.5 minutes on each passage, you have to pace yourself really well. If any questions remained after 8.5 seconds, I just guessed and moved on. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to analyze each question like on a school test.</p>

<p>I hope this helps :)</p>

<p>^Keeping time in perspective really helps. Practice under those timed conditions. </p>

<p>There are also a couple ways to tackle the test. You either read the passage fully first and then look at the questions to find the answers or you look at the questions and then try to find the answers in the passage by skimming. Depending on how well you can skim or how fast you can read you can do one or the other. I personally just read straight through cause its easier for me to catch minor details that way.</p>