ACT/SAT-colleges use higher score?

I did alright on both the SAT and ACT, comparable scores. However with timing and the fact that I think I can better my score on the ACT more than the SAT, I am going to retake the ACT in June. I would retake both, but I am taking subject tests in June and next fall is too busy with debate tournaments. Therefore, I'm wondering if I send both scores (since I need to send subject tests) will they put their emphasis on my higher converted score which will hopefully be on the ACT. My SAT isn't bad, so it won't look like too much of a fluke. Should I be okay at top 25 schools with this approach?</p>


<p>you can just not send your sat scores at all - that's what i did. most schools require either the ACT w/ writing or the SAT w/ two or three subject tests. sooo if you send the ACT with writing, you don't need subject tests</p>

<p>No, its better to send your SAT II + ACT even if SAT II are not required for admission when ACT is sent.</p>

<p>Every college say that they take the higher ACT/SAT score; if you believe their words, don't worry about it. (You should)</p>

<p>My ACT is roughly 100 pt higher than SAT and I got into some colleges fine (still waiting though)</p>

<p>i'm just saying if you really do not want to send your sat score, because sat and sat subject tests are sent together, then don't send the subject tests if you're sending your act</p>

<p>I would definitely send both ACT and SAT. It does you no harm. You might get lucky. For me, my act's writing/reading composite score was 31 so I don't have to take my UCLA writing test. While my SAT writing score was only 640 which means if I only send my SAT I still had to take writing placement exam.</p>

<p>My D sent both to some colleges and when we reviewed the status list the college (Amherst) had only listed the slightly higher ACT. Hope that helps</p>

<p>Colleges will always look at your higher score, ACT or SAT I. </p>

<p>For example, if you send in 4 SAT II's, colleges that only require 2 will only look at the SAT II's that you got the 2 highest scores in.</p>