ACT/SAT Question

<p>I have not taken any SAT IIs and thus, will be submitting my ACT score. However, I have also taken the SAT. Will Duke even look at that score when reviewing my application??? I think they will, but I'm not positive. Thanks for the clarification.</p>

<p>If your SAT I score is submitted to them, of course someone will see it, but they will only consider your highest score. If your ACT is better than your SAT they will only consider the ACT. I have heard that in some admissions offices the first person to look at your app transfers stats from the application onto one sheet that is easy for the admissions committee to review, in which case they only put the highest score, which I assume is your ACT. Are you sure your SAT went to them? They only get it if you send them a score report, you self-report it on the app, or if your guidance couselor puts it on your transcript. But anyways, if your ACT is good, don't worry about it, they may see the SAT score but they won't really consider it if it's worse.</p>