<p>I am strongly considering applying to McGill in the fall, but after looking around on the website it says you need either the SAT I with writing and 2 SAT II's or the ACT. I've already taken the SAT I, but have not taken any SAT II's or the ACT. My question is this: would it be better and/or easier to take the ACT over 2 SAT II's or vice versa? I do no know much about any of the SAT II's available or the ACT.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance, any responses are appreciated,
Josh McG</p>

<p>I would choose SAT IIs.</p>

<p>Agree. Like colleges in the American northeast, Canadian universites usually like to see SATs, rather than ACTs.</p>

<p>I submitted only the ACT and got into McGill.</p>

<p>ardiar i really dont think you know what colleges prefer. any college youd ask would say they weigh both equally</p>

<p>I also only submitted the ACT and got in! Why don't you just take both (you'll have enough time, they're not on the same day obviously) and then submit your best one? (or all three if they all are over the limit thing mcgill gives you)</p>

<p>Yes, most colleges weigh the ACT and SAT equally, but since most Americans applying to the East Coast and Canada submit SATs, said colleges interpret them more accurately. Of course one may submit either, but it costs money and a couple hours of sleep, so one might prefer to take only one, and, were I to take only one, I should take the SAT.</p>