ACT Science question

<p>In the REAL ACT PREP GUIDE, on test 4 there was a science question that I found extremely odd and incongruous with usual ACT science questions. It went something like,</p>

<p>"For any of the rods described in the passage, most heat is transferred between the ends of the rod by which of the following processes?"</p>

<pre><code> I. Radiation
II. Convection
III. Conduction

<p>Nowhere in the intro did it mention any of those words. In the answer explanation in the back, it just said that heat is transferred by conduction in metal rods. I had no idea what any of those words meant offhand, though. I thought the ACT didn't test you on your background science knowledge? Is this something they consider common knowledge?</p>

<p>that is a really odd question. I found that I could figure most questions out by reading the graphs and tables. I found that sometimes they like to screw you up. but as long as you read carefully the passages connected to it you should be fine.</p>

<p>There was kinda a question like that on the ACT this year too.</p>

<p>On the December ACT, there was one like that, also.
Occasionally you will need to have some outside knowledge.</p>

<p>It happens every now and then. If it does happen, it should only be once on a particular science section.</p>