ACT science tips

<p>I need help with the science reasoning section of the ACT. I know that I could break a 30 if not for that section. Does anyone have any strategies for doing well on this section? The lack of time is another big problem.</p>

<p>lack of time IS an issue. I always do well no this section, and I ahve no idea why... this answer doesnt help. sorry. just try your best!</p>

<p>Don't read the writing at the beginning of each section. Go directly to the quesitons and answer them from graphs, charts, etc. Only when a question asks about something you can't derive from the charts do you go to scan the introduction. worked for me. 30(I know, not that great but from what I've heard, it works great)</p>

<p>i got a 23 (yes 23!) my first time because i had no idea what the ACT was when i took it, when i retook the ACT last month i was familiar with the section and jsut went faster and ended up with a 32 on science. all i recommend is atleast taking a practice test or 2 to familiarize youself with the timing and you'll be fine- the questions aren't hard</p>

<p>bumptity bump</p>

<p>i got a 36 (no prep) in september. Read the questions before you look at the graphs, and if you are stumped skip (the whole section) and go back.</p>