ACT Score Choice?

<p>Okay the answer I got previously was "Only your top score is kept and sent out to colleges."</p>

<p>However some threads have shown that schools that want all tests by CB also want all test scores from the ACT. This contradicts the first statement. Can someone please explain the ACT score choice?</p>

<p>I believe that you have to pay for each ACT score that you send to colleges. Naturally, you can send whatever you want to; just as some people choose not submit all test scores for the SAT, others do the same for the ACT, but if colleges do not accept score choice, then they will expect you to send ALL of your scores.</p>


<p>Most colleges that do not allow score choice for the ACT (e.g. Yale) allow you to send a score report for one of the sittings of the ACT and simply self-report the rest of them.</p>

<p>^That's good to know; I thought you had to pay for each individual score. Thanks!</p>

<p>Somestudent: that's a new one on me; never heard of that policy for the ACT.....</p>

<p>^Neither had I; but if it's true, it's way more convenient. </p>

<p>Somestudent: where do you read this?</p>