ACT Score Fluctuations, Advice Wanted


I’ve taken the official ACT twice and gotten these scores.

First Test
English 32
Math 28
Reading 34
Science 26

Second Test
Comp: 30
English 29
Math 28
Reading 30
Science 34

For the schools I’m trying to get into, I need a 33-34 composite with at least a 33 in Math. So I’m asking people who have had experience improving their ACT score, how should I study and where should I focus that studying for maximum effect, specifically with the huge degree in fluctuations in my scores. My English was a change of 3, Reading a change of 4 and Science a change of 8! I finished almost all of the tests with time to spar.

If I get the best I’ve scored on English, Reading, and Science, and then really improve my Math score up to a 33, then I’m where I need to be, but with the large fluctuation, I’m not sure how much time I should spend on subjects other than Math.


There are helpful youtube videos for Math ACT.