ACT score review?

<p>Is it true that GA tech only looks at the english and math portions of the ACT? Because i went to check my status online and it only displayed my composite, math, and english scores. No reading, science, or writing. </p>

<p>Look on buzzport, it lists combined eng writing, math and english, no comp. </p>

<p>@Alfonsia‌ Can you chance me?
31C, 34M, 34E, 30S, 25R, 31WR
4.0 Uw
4.3 W
Aps: 11th grade - BIO, English
12th - Calc AB, chem, psych
Hospital Volunteering
JV Math team
Varsity Math team
Red Cross club </p>

<p>Essay was okay, not the best</p>