ACT Score withOUT writing

<p>Hello. I got a 34 composite without writing and for the September test I got a 33 with writing.</p>

<p>Will Princeton look at my highest composite when I submit both to fulfill the writing requirement like other colleges like Harvard, or will they not consider the 34 like Yale?</p>

<p>Anyone? Clearly there’s people on here with an interest in the question…</p>

<p>Best bet is to contact admissions to get an accurate answer.</p>

<p>The difference between a 33 and a 34 is not likely to tip the scales; there are numerous other factors in the admissions process.</p>

<p>For your ACT score of 34, was the writing section offered? That seems to be key for Princeton: [Princeton</a> University | Standardized Tests](<a href=“]Princeton”></p>

<p>“A complete application includes official scores of the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT (with Writing, where offered), and two SAT Subject Tests.”</p>

<p>For the date of your 34 ACT, if the test was offered with writing, but you opted not to take it, then your test would be invalid for admission purposes. However, if the test was offered without an option for writing, then it might be valid. </p>

<p>As others have said, it’s best to call the Admissions Office and ask. The number is (609) 258-3060.</p>

<p>Contact the school if you are worried</p>

<p>Princeton has not replied to my e-mails and I am not here during normal day hours to call…</p>

<p>But The 34 without writing was a state mandated test so no one was allowed to take the test with writing.</p>

<p>Then that would seem to validate the score, at least in Princeton’s eyes. At this point, I would send both scores and hope for the best.</p>